10 Essential Skin Care Tips to Survive Winter

Enjoy a milk bath.

This may seem quite luxurious, but it will do great wonders for your skin. Milk contains high amounts of lactic acid, which helps to shed off dead skin. Additionally, it boosts collagen growth as well. You do not have to buy a milk bath—you can make one on your own! Just simply do an online search, and you can surely find many homemade milk bath recipes.

Dry-proof your bathwater.

Chlorine is usually added to your bathwater for disinfection purposes. However, this substance tends to dry the skin out. Lucky for you, there are some things that you can do to prevent its drying effect. Just simply install shower head filters or add chlorine-busting bath balls to your bathtub. For a more natural solution, you can just use bentonite clay, which can help to absorb impurities.

Enjoy a honey face mask.

You may think that this is quite icky. After all, honey is quite sticky, right? Well, that characteristic of honey is what makes it a great moisturizer. For your information, honey can get water from the air and bind it to our skin. Additionally, honey can also protect the skin from bacteria. Get a homemade honey face mask recipe online and enjoy a honey face mask during the winter season!

Shave with your hair conditioner.

Again, this may seem like an absurd tip, but there are two great reasons for swapping your shaving cream with a hair conditioner during winter. First off, your skin exfoliates when you are shaving, making it easy for your skin to absorb moisture better. Second, hair conditioner contains nourishing properties, so it helps to moisturize your skin while shaving.