10 Signs You Are NOT Healthy At All

Your health is a strange thing. It can often be the case that your body can really trick you into believing that you are actually quite healthy when this does not have to be the case. Yes, you might feel as if you are well, but there can be little signs that all is not as it seems. Knowing what these signs are can actually help you in the long term, so these are 10 signs you are not healthy at all.

1. Your sleep pattern is not as it should be.

How we sleep can often be an indicator of there being something wrong with our health. As we move into the evening, the hormone cortisol is supposed to drop to allow us to sleep, but if you find that you are suffering from insomnia, then it is because the level of cortisol is still too high. Why is this a problem? Simply because it is known as the stress hormone and if that is still rampant in your body, then you will find that it is harder for your body to do the repairs that are required at night resulting in you being run down and getting sick.

2. You have become an apple.

There are various shapes used to describe our bodies and if you have recently become an apple, then there may be some underlying health issues. Believe it or not, but apple-shaped people have been medically proven to be more at risk of heart disease than people that are pear-shaped, but then being overweight in general is never a good thing for your health.

3. You suffer from fatigue.

Fatigue can often be a sign of some underlying health issue especially if you are getting a good night’s sleep on a regular basis. This can indicate something such as a thyroid issue, excess stress, or your body is tired out from dealing with the rubbish that you put into it every single day. Fatigue is not good and can lead to you developing all kinds of health problems, so rest and relaxation are key.

4. You notice your urine is dark yellow.

In all honesty, we should all take more interest in the color of our urine. If it is dark yellow, then this is a sign you are dehydrated and need to drink something. However, do not make it tea or coffee as simple water is the order of the day.

5. You have started to snore more often and louder.

If your partner has noticed an increase in your snoring levels, then this is something that should be taken seriously. There is a chance that it could be a symptom of sleep apnea and studies have shown that people that suffer from this can be at a greatly increased risk of heart issues or pulmonary hypertension. It is caused by an obstruction in your airways, but there are ways in which those airways can be opened up to solve the problem.

6. You have to scratch all of the time.

If you seem to suffer from an itch on a regular basis, then it could be your body trying to tell you something important. In a lot of cases, it is due to an allergic reaction although for others it can indicate that some kind of skin condition is developing that may require some treatment. However, in extreme cases, it can actually point towards an issue with your liver, so perhaps it is best to get it checked out.

7. You get cracks in your lips at the corners.

Having cracked lips can be annoying, but it can also be a sign of some underlying health issue that needs to be addressed. Cracked lips can actually show that you are low in various B vitamins especially vitamin B12. This can, in turn, lead to you suffering from anemia and if this is not treated it can then develop into further complications. If you continually suffer from these cracked lips, then a trip to the doctor is required.

8. The quality of your skin is poor.

Perhaps you used to have lovely skin, but that has all changed in recent times and it has a tendency to break out into a rash, acne, or dry skin. In a lot of cases, skin conditions can be your body trying to tell you that it is stressed and there is an issue with your nervous system. Too much stress can lead to all kinds of things going wrong with your health and if you manage to relax and remove stressful situations and your skin clears up, then at least you know the causes.

9. You always have a cold or flu.

It does seem to be the case that there are some people out there that catch the cold and flu constantly throughout the winter. This is because their immune system is constantly low and they are then unable to fight off the bacteria and viruses that are surrounding us on a daily basis. If you are that person, then your immune system could be compromised and it has been shown that this will make you more likely to develop various other health issues over your lifetime.

10. Your bowels are not regular.

By rights, we should all have regular bowel movements if our system is working perfectly. However, if you find that it is erratic and you only really go once every other day, then it can be a sign that all is not well. You may feel healthy, but there can be inflammation in your bowels, there can be toxins building up, the lining of your bowel can become irritated and you can then develop various health conditions as a direct result of your lack of movements. Perhaps getting yourself checked out is a good idea.
It is important to point out that these 10 signs can all be entirely innocent, but it is the fact that they can appear to be innocent and not that important that can then lead to problems elsewhere. Pay close attention to what your body is trying to tell you and take the appropriate action as early as possible as you never know what long term problems you are perhaps managing to avoid.

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