10 Things To Immediately Stop Doing After Turning 50

Age and wisdom don’t always go hand in hand. You may think that after living on this earth for 50 years that you have accumulated enough experience to do whatever it is that you feel like doing but that isn’t always the case. Just because you are getting older doesn’t mean you can continue doing all of the things that you may have found cool when you were younger. For those of you who have reached the magical milestone of turning 50, we’ve got 10 things you need to immediately stop doing. We know it may be difficult to face but you’ve really got to quit doing this stuff.

1. Wearing clothes that don’t fit

We’ve all seen it before. You walk into an event and see someone wearing something that they shouldn’t have on. You would think that someone would have stopped them before leaving the house but apparently, they didn’t have anyone around them who was brave enough to tell them the truth. We are here to tell you that you need to dress age-appropriate and not wear clothes that don’t fit or aren’t made for someone your age.

2. Putting everyone’s needs before your own

You have probably spent the majority of your adult life looking out for other people. It could be your kids or even your parents. But when you turn 50 it’s time to start looking out for number one. That would be you. You’ve earned it so start putting your own needs first. We aren’t saying to totally ignore everyone else and their feelings but you deserve to start treating yourself right too.

3. Tipping EXACTLY 15%

We know you grew up in a time period when the correct tip was EXACTLY 15%. But remember this. Times have changed and it’s not so important that you figure out EXACTLY what 15% is down to the penny. There is no need to pull out a calculator or a pen and paper so you can do some quick math to make sure that you leave a tip totaling 15% to the penny. You can round up. You can be off by a few cents. It’s ok. Nobody is going to yell at you if you leave 16% or some other odd number.

4. Going to the club

If you have reached the age of 50 there is absolutely no reason for you to be in a nightclub where the majority of the crowd is in their early 20’s. It’s ok for you to hang out in age-appropriate places with people like you. Don’t get us wrong. If you need to be in the club that all the kids are going to then more power to you. Just don’t be surprised when people keep asking you if you are looking for your son or daughter.

5. Gossiping

Back in high school, college, or even your first few years working it was ok to gossip about other people. Well, not really ok but it was something that most people did. When you turn 50 you have other things to worry about besides who slept with who. You don’t need to get mixed up in all the petty conversations and spread gossip. You’ve got to quit this habit once you reach the age of 50 or people are going to start looking at you like you have nothing better to do with your time. Leave the gossiping to the kids.

6. Blasting music in the car

How many times have you been driving down the street and heard someone blasting their music with the windows down? This might be cool when you are in your younger years but we promise you won’t look cool rolling down the street blasting music that the kids don’t think is from this generation. They will most likely have something sad to say about you and it will probably relate to your loss of hearing because you are old. Turn it down or roll the windows up.

7. Getting into fights

You might have been a tough guy or the girl that everyone was afraid of in high school but we all need to grow up. Back in the day, you may have been feared by the other kids because you put a serious butt whipping on someone who deserved it. When you turn 50 it’s time to mellow out and stop getting into fights in public. Sure you may be stronger than you were in your youth but nobody has any respect for an old dude or woman trying to put a beat down on someone in public. Most likely they will look at you like an angry old person who is bitter that they are getting old.

8. Eating whatever you are craving

Do you remember back in high school or college when you could basically eat whatever you wanted and not gain any weight? After the age of 50 things start changing and those late-night runs to Taco Bell will come back to haunt you in the morning. It’s time to go for a piece of fruit or something a bit better for you versus binging on junk at all hours of the day and night. Your cholesterol levels will thank you too.

9. Wearing your hat backward

This is one of our biggest pet peeves. There is no doubt that you’ve seen it before and hopefully it isn’t you or someone that you know or love. Back in your younger years you may have looked pretty cool if you wore your baseball hat backward. But now you look like someone who is getting old and trying for one last grasp at a youthful look. The only thing this look says is that you are sad so just don’t do it. Trust us.

10. Parkour

This last one should be pretty obvious but in case you ever get the urge to try out Parkour after you turn 50 we suggest you don’t. We imagine that there are many emergency rooms across the country that see men over the age of 50 who come in with a broken bone thanks to trying something like Parkour that should only be attempted by people who are in great shape. It isn’t worth the pain so just skip the Parkour if you ever get the urge over 50.