4 Tips to Get Fit with Good Stroller Form

After you have a baby, you typically want to spend time with the baby, show the baby as much about the world as possible, and get yourself back into shape. Buying a great stroller can help get you on the road to accomplishing all of those goals at once. Of course, make sure you follow your doctor’s recommendations so that you do not overstrain yourself. Following these tips can also help you to make the most of your time on the road.

Track Your Stats

Tracking your heart rate, calories burned, and steps taken can help you to keep track of how well stroller walking is working for you. Keeping your heart rate at target will help you to burn the highest number of calories without getting burned out quickly.

Talk to Your Baby

Even if your baby is too young to understand you, talking to your baby can make him or her feel more comfortable and remind them that you are there. Your baby may stay more alert and engaged with what is going on, helping to foster learning and development. Talking to your baby will also help to encourage language development.

Keep Good Posture

It is tempting to slump and lean against a stroller, but this can cause muscle aches and prevent you from receiving as many fitness benefits. Keeping your elbows close to your body can help keep you from leaning forward. You should also keep your hips stacked underneath you in line with your shoulders to keep your core working.

Switch Up the Scenery

Going around the block may be convenient, but it can become boring for your baby and can limit the amount of fitness gains that you receive. Driving out to a park or boardwalk may help to keep the scenery fresh and interesting, presenting you with new terrain challenges and introducing new surroundings to your baby.