8 Habits That Cause Belly Fat

1. Small snacks throughout the day

There are many diets in the world and some include eating 6 small meals a day – well that’s wrong, too! Hepatology reports conclude that three meals a day will help keep abdominal fat away. Snacking in between can help you gain more in the tummy region and the ones who snack in the mid-morning are more susceptible to gaining tummy fat as they snack throughout the day, too.

2. Diet Soda

We all think that diet soda aids us in losing weight when it’s actually the opposite! While we aren’t getting as many carbs and sodium with diet soda, we are getting a boatload of artificial sweeteners. These sweeteners help us gain 6 times more than non-diet soda drinkers. Scientists say that this is because these sweeteners help raise insulin levels and move your body to store fat rather than burning.

3. High-intensity workouts

If you keep up with your workouts, this doesn’t apply to you. But those who start and stop their high-intensity workouts because they don’t believe it’s working are more of a target to belly fat. The Journal of Obesity has found that people who had a regular diet and exercise lost 3x more abdominal fat than ones who only worked out for 3 days a week.

4. Not getting enough protein

Protein is essential in an everyday diet. While men need 10 more grams daily than females, everyone should be consuming 20-25 grams of protein in each meal. This is essential in building muscle mass and helping jumpstart weightless when working out. Not getting protein is a quick sign you’re waistline is getting bigger.

5. Being a regular French fry consumer

This may seem like a no-brainer, especially to those who eat fast food every day, but there are options for fries that don’t make you gain belly fat. French fries are loaded with carbohydrates A Harvard study found that over 20 years, those who hate fries regularly gained 15 pounds more than others who didn’t eat them regularly. Try homemade sweet potato fries!

7. Not getting enough sleep

Yep! Everything you do puts your body on a cycle and when everything is messed up, that’s when your body messes up. Lack of sleep is a huge cause of belly fat and gaining weight. When we don’t get enough sleep, our bodies make more cortisol and this hormone increases our appetite.

8. Having too much stress

Like having a lack of sleep, too much stress also releases a high amount of cortisol, which is why we might binge eat when we are emotional. Start doing more for yourself emotionally and taking time to yourself to help decrease this hormone level from rising. You may find yourself eating less and losing more belly fat!