By hook, hook or Timur was employed to work for ProductSence and Skillbox


It’s like having poor timing…

You were correct. I was forced back to Chelyabinsk since I didn’t have any money or a steady source of income. It wasn’t a good decision to be tethered to the shoulder of my wife, and I decided to save as little as I could, and use it to at the very least, a couple of projects. This month is when I saw an opening in ProductSense to be an editor. I was aware of the company as I was fascinated by the management of products. I was also awed by the details and work that they perform which is the reason I responded. I had met their CEO company, Yura Ageyev, but I was not hired.

After a few minutes I was instructed by one of the instructors of the class informed to me they had been in search for writers to join The Skillbox Media editorial board and recommended that I try the idea.


I finished and composed the first article in less than a month. I felt like I was a weak man who spent his time in front of an editor. Slowly it stopped, and I began writing sporadic pieces, but I was unable to put the issue on the table. I was feeling like writing didn’t captivate me. I decided to look into ProductSense and was hoping that it would become open in the future. In the end, the subject was extremely complex. Because I was in a hurry, I met with a friend to translate in English into a book on Product Roadmaps.


But. Amazing move.


It’s not my aim to be part of the industry through this book .) But I did have an idea that I needed to stand out in this group, be noticed and include relevant information in my CV.


It was my responsibility to interpret the message. However it was also my responsibility to modify the text. I was in the ProductSense chatroom and was convinced that it was worthwhile to be walking distance to the workplace you’d like to work at. One chat participant asked if anyone had anything relevant to share regarding road maps. I replied the ebook was available however , it was not finished however I was able to forward it to him through private messages. He came in and read the book. A few days later, Yury Ageyev contacted me asking me to go through the file too. My heart broke when I realized I hadn’t done anything wrong:)

A couple of days later, Yuri asked whether I was looking for an editor position. I explained to him that if I was offered by ProductSense to become an editor surely I’d be. This is how I got my first job in the role of editor.

Do you think you’ve landed your new job easy?


This isn’t true. In my first month, I realized I didn’t have any knowledge of product management. This is a unique aspect of the company. My experience was limited and inexperienced. Additionally, I was often carrying the burden of some tasks.

In February 2021 I was offered a opportunity to work as an editor-in-chief for the “Code” editorial board at Skillbox Media – I had to edit a small number of articles every month with the authors, and then send the articles to a final critique. I was working in this manner for less than six months prior to when I was invited to take on the role as editor-in-chief , who manages all editorial staff members of the Code. The Code section. I was thrilled to accept the offer: I’ve always been interested in IT and Skillbox Media has a great team with the capability and range of work, and the compensation is good and obviously, a decent wage. I was transferred to ProductSense as an employee on a part-time basis and am currently trying to combine 2 of my ideas.

What is it like to take a seat in the chair an editor?


When I received the offer, it was just a small amount of editors in the office. So, my task was to design the whole thing from the ground up. However, it wasn’t entirely novel. The department of media was well-organized in its methods of communication with other departments and had an appealing way of communicating that was not toxic.

I brought two awesome people who I’ve had a number of discussions about different projects to join our team. My life became much easier because I don’t have to edit every single piece of content by myself. It’s nice knowing that these people have come from technical backgrounds and that many of IT issues are easy for them.

We’d like to see that IT specialists at the middle level are in charge of our media, and that Telegram-channels and social networks are distinct small media ecosystems that are active in their community.


What topics do you like to discuss?


Our media is focused on programming and specifically targeted at programmers. it’s not focusing on technical aspects, however it’s more about the people. I’ll illustrate that using the Yandex magazine. Code is focused on teaching along with explanations and other resources for beginners. “Hubr” is seen as an authoritative source with extensive technical information.


As a source of information I have listened to several podcasts that I liked, such as “We have no hope”, “Zinc Prod” Software development Link me up , and fanzines such as Ubuntu Full Circle Magazine, which is a magazine from the Ubuntu Linux user community. The content is casual and light, and can make use of inappropriate words. Most importantly in addition to technical aspects there is a lot of focus given to the descriptions of the lives of the programmer as well as administrators of systems. Not just by the concept of “combat-ready units” or human resources, but also as individuals who have their own personal thoughts and experiences.

What are your plans in developing your field of work?


I’d like to host a real show. Gather a group of 10-15 people every month, they’ll publish an article about their achievements as well as their failures. In general, life is unvarnished. It is possible to trace their journeys, starting with the start of your education in Skillbox up to their first jobs as programmers, messengers or janitors if IT failed to work out.


Another type we’re developing is mini-courses that are based on text. These are instructional materials focused on specific areas where it could appear to be beneficial to offer educational courses for purchase. For example, we develop courses on Vim, the popular text editor Vim which many programmers continue to use.


Tips for the editor who is about to start

What are the essential things those who want to integrate their lives with editing should be mindful of?


To get a head start on the job of an editor – who supervises writers and establishes the tone for the media for the public and the general public I suggest signing up to the Irina Ilakhova newsletter , who is editor-in-chief for Tinkoff Business. Ilakhova provides an interesting account of how an editor’s work is carried out. It’s likely to be the sole source of information on the management of editing Russian at present.


Alexey Berezovoy, the editor-in-chief of Delobank Media, also writes very well. He is a wise and experienced professional of the industry and has written articles that don’t get soaked in water. It’s essential be on the lookout for Andrey Boborykin and his channel “Mediaborsch! “ Alexander Amzin’s “Us and Jo”, and the “Global Network of Investigative Journalists”.


If you’re trying to become a great writer, do not purchase “Write and shrink” and better sign up for Glavreda’s newsletter free of charge it’s much more entertaining sharper, more precise and includes compelling and engaging examples, as opposed to the book. You can also learn more advanced courses. It’s very useful and fun. I think that the previous Maxim Ilyakhov – before 2015 or the time around the release of T-G is better than the current Maxim Ilyakhov (I’ve followed him from 2010 until the release in the Megaplan book).


The articles and posts he writes contain a lot of repetition, some of which are irrelevant and, often, it’s not an effective strategy to promote the people in his inner circle. However, it is important to keep track of his work. Together with his team from The Design Bureau, Maxim is an influential figure in the industry and is creating a strong trend. This is due in part to his ability to ensure that people are paying attention to his work with an attentive attention.


For amazing blogs or media that is brand-friendly , I recommend studying not only media with a brand name you should also study the most cutting-edge portals and media like Reddit, Pikabu, Stack Overflow small-scale independent projects like fanzines, podcasts and YouTube shows, and more. Immerse yourself in the subject which you’re writing about or there is no point in doing anything.

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