14 Foods That Can Naturally Cleanse And Detox Your Liver

Your body is composed of a number of organs that play a vital role in your health and wellness. Your heart pumps blood and oxygen to your body, the kidneys help to filter toxins and create waste, and your stomach helps to break down food for absorption of nutrients. Quite possibly one of the most important organs in your body is the liver, which plays a major role in eliminating toxins from your blood.

Your liver is a hard-working organ and it works with a large majority of other organs, meaning when your liver is not healthy, your other organs need to take on a larger load. While the liver is highly efficient when it comes to completing its job, it could use a tune-up every now and then. One of the best ways to do this is to consume foods that help to actually cleanse your liver so that it can become rejuvenated and improve your health.

Listed below are 14 foods that can naturally cleanse and detox your liver.

1. Avocadoes.

Your body is exposed to a wide range of environmental toxins throughout a typical day and this can certainly have a toll on your energy levels as a result. If you often feel sluggish or tired at the end of the day, yes some of this is due to general fatigue, but it could also be a sign that your energy levels are being directed to the liver. This is a sign that you should increase your intake of healthy foods that contain healthy energy levels, which makes avocado a good first choice.

The avocado contains high amounts of healthy fats that can help to protect your energy levels, immune system, and to protect your organs. In addition, there are valuable compounds in the avocado that help to cleanse your liver and keep it in the best shape it can be.