How can get yourself an SEO expert right from the beginning?


SEO (also known as SEO is a term used to describe Search Engine Optimization The term “Search Engine Optimization is also called SEO is a procedure that impacts the entire business such as brand image and reputation as well as the quality of traffic as well as online visibility sales and will impact the business over time.

The SEO specialist is responsible of advertising the website’s presence via search engines. The higher the rank of a website’s page in search results, the more people will visit it, and the company gains new customers.


We are aware of the work that an SEO specialist does, and what skills and knowledge are required for a successful career. We also provide a step-by step guide to pursue the field.

What is Search Engine Optimization is done

The main goal for the SEO specialist is to have a deep knowledge of how SEO and ranking algorithms operate. Let’s examine this.


The history of SEO began in 1997 in 1997, when Larry Page and Sergey Brin created Google one of the very first engines for searching. Google along with Ilya Segalovich and Arkady Volozh created Yandex. Other search engines include Baidu, Bing, Yahoo! In the world, Google is still the most well-known, with the presence of Google in Russia Yandex and Baidu. Russia Yandex as well as within China Baidu. Baidu.

Search engine robots “walk” through the Internet”walk” through the Internet “spiders”, “crawlers. They navigate through pages, scanning and adding duplicates of their scans to the databases which is maintained by search engines. The database is indexed and the information is analyzed, before being incorporated into the index. The index is the result of a search.


Indexing is a procedure that is based on:


The page is divided into sections. The page is broken down into text video, microarrays meta tags images and various other types of information, such as content, service data, and content

Every element on the site is evaluated using the set of criteria

Based on the results of the study, the site can be added to the index or it is not.

Pages that have been indexable produce search results that users can see as a result the search query.


In order to form results, when producing results The search engine must to know which pages to show and what order they will be displayed to the user. This is accomplished by making use of ranking algorithms, which are methods that determine the value of a website is assessed. More valuable is a website is has, the more likely it is to be displayed in search results.


SEO-optimization directions

To understand the fundamentals regarding what SEO optimization involves, it is important to know the two primary domains that comprise SEO External optimization (on-page optimization) and external optimization (off-page optimization).


Internal optimization – refers to the procedure that is carried out directly on the site and is linked to modifications to its structure, content and technical components.


External optimization can enhance the performance of your website through interfacing with third-party platforms and other services.


The main distinction between the two fields can be observed in the table below:

Let’s look at the most crucial SEO guidelines more in depth.


Internal optimization

It is composed of sub-directions that are followed by:


How can you become an SEO expert starting with the beginning?


The detection and correction of any technical errors on the websitethat interfere with the display of the website on search engines. A large number of mistakes directly affects the position of the site on search result pages.


The term “technical optimization” covers a wide variety of tasks, including improving the speed with when users access the site and adapting the website to mobile devices, and making indexing work and making redirects.


How can you be an SEO specialist from the beginning? using semantics


“Semantics” or “semantics” in SEO (keywords (also called keywords) are questions, which people are guided via the internet in order to find solutions.


The fundamental concept of web pages’ semantics are a set of keywords that relate to the topic of the site’s promotion . These keywords best describe the type of the activities the site marketing, its products, and services.


Keywords are classified based on specific characteristics and are distributed over pages. The method of grouping keywords may be termed “clustering”.


Alongside technical optimization , the semantic core plays a significant function for marketing the site since it is where all the other optimization plans are created.


The semantics are built on:


The idea behind the web site’s theme with regard to search engines

Site structure;

Meta tags contain meta-tags’ contents;

Page structure;


anchors and hyperlinks.

So, effective collection and clustering that make up the semantics of the website is vital for the successful promotion of any site.


How can you become an SEO expert by beginning with the basics? By improving the structure of your website


A well-designed and well-organized website is among the most crucial elements in SEO promotion. It is essential for the crawlers of search engines to index the site and also for visitors to websites. If they know what’s available on the site and how easy it is to access it, they are more likely to engage on the website which will positively impact the web site’s visibility.


A well-constructed website is straightforward, logical and easy to understand by the users. Based on collated semantics, it encompasses the entire semantic fundamental.


Do not forget to think about nesting levels. All important pages should be available to users within a minimum of three clicks.


To enhance the structure of the website, you must concentrate on internal linking, which is the process of linking pages through hyperlinks.


The motive behind linking is


A properly distributed distribution of page weights throughout the site;

Acceleration in indexation of pages that have been added to the index;

Enhanced usability.

There are many methods for internal linking. The choice of one or the other depends on the type of source, like the online shop or service site, an information website , and the goals of promotion.


Examples are internal linking



Menu on the website;

Banners and sliders

Links throughout the article’s text;

Site map;

Links are provided at the end of the articles.

Links from blocks of items and services.

How do be an SEO specialist right from the beginning? Making sure that the content is optimized for a website


As per Google Content is one of three elements that impact the rank of a site.


The content created is of high-quality and designed to meet the needs of search engine crawlers but is intended accessible to the general public. Content is everything you see found on the page, comprising text, images, audio, video animation, and many different formats.

In this portion we will mostly talk about the text.


Naturally, the style of content is defined by the semantics that have been collected. But, they’re not the only thing that determines the effectiveness of promotion.


In the beginning Keywords aid crawlers of search engines in determining the content’s subject matter and the connections to specific search terms. Alongside keywords, microarrays that search engines use titles, titles, h1-h6 headings, as well as other SEO tags also have significance.


The quality of content is assessed by people who read it. The content must stir emotions, confidence and the desire to share it to others.


The most essential requirements an excellent content must meet are:


Relevance and credibility;

Accuracy and precision;

A simple and understandable easy to understand and easily accessible

Excellence and innovation;

Effectiveness and reliability.

How can you become an SEO specialist right from beginning to finish? Optimizing usability


Usability is the ease of access to the website by its users.

It’s not just crucial that the user visits the site, but it’s equally important to be aware of how the user interacts with the site and how long he’s there, and whether or not he will receive the answer to his question.


Usability is measured by the following variables:


page load speed;


Easy to use

A user-friendly structure and navigation


adaptation for mobile devices;

useful content that is well-structured and beneficial;

the ability to act.

SEO specialists are generally not aware of the significance of usability in online-based marketing. This aspect, however, directly affects the way people behave that, in turn, constitute a factor that affects rankings. Therefore, it’s important to concentrate your efforts on developing user-friendly websites that have easy navigation and useful information.


How can get yourself to become an SEO expert right from the beginning? Optimizing commercial elements


Commercial factors are features that make the site easy for users to browse and improve confidence in the site on all.


There are many commercial aspects we can identify these key elements:


simple navigation for users;

structured content

Filtering and categorization of goods;

Contact details are available which include contact details for phone numbers and email addresses, messengers and contact information for the feedback form of the company

top-quality card filling for items: a detailed description, specifications that the item offers, the ability to choose the most suitable bundle that are high-quality, with top-quality photos, information on the manufacturer, prices reviews for the product along with payment options and shipping methods, as well as links to similar items, the availability of the product , the amount of stock available and the possibility for “Add to Cart” or “Buy

Many kinds of goods and services

the ability to evaluate the quality of products

A separate page that includes the explanation of the terms of delivery and payment.


Information on return and warranty can be found through the Return Policy page

The best depth for websites nesting. The lower the depth of nesting for the main pages, the better;

flexibility and cross-browser layout versatility and cross-browser layout. The site must display properly both on desktop and mobile devices as well as on tablets that have multiple browser versions.

The name and the long-term viability of the domain

Links to trusted sources.

External optimization

This is a set of actions that aim to improve the visibility of websites in search results by getting links to the website from forums, other websites blog media, blogs, and other Internet websites, and developing a web-based reference page for the site.


In the perfect perspective from a website search engine webmasters are connected to one another and provide users with information they consider relevant and valuable from various sources.


They provide an indication to the user and also signals to the engine to recognize that the site has some worth and ought to be considered in determining the rank of the site.


The more trustworthy sources who link to a site and the more credibility is acknowledged – and the more highly it is placed.

In order to convert the signals to mathematical concepts, and allow the algorithm to accurately evaluate the ranking of the site by analyzing external links, linking weights were developed. Each website that links to gives weight to the website, which is a sign of importance that depends on numerous factors and most importantly, its credibility. Source on the basis of.


The site that makes the donation the link to – the website on which the link is created confers some authority to the website which accepts the link – the site to where the link was sent and then is considered when a search engine reviewing its findings to determine the rank.


The process of improving the quality of the links on a web site is referred to as linking building. This is a field of expertise for professionals who have broad expertise and also more specifically focused linkbuilders.


We then looked at the ways in which SEO works before moving on to the study of the SEO specialist who is a professional and the steps required to become an expert, starting from the very starting.

SEO specialist: What is his job duties and what’s his pay?

SEO experts work on the promotion of websites using search engines, and bring their websites up to first the list on search results for the relevant keywords.


There are a variety of names used for the experts. Some of these experts include SEO”SEO-optimizer” SEO, search specialist in promotion of engines, an expert in websites for promotion of search engines.


The advantages of this job may include:


market demand over the long term;

the ability to work remotely

A wide range of tasks ranging from the routine to the artistic

competitive salaries;

interesting multifaceted projects;

the continuous expanding of the horizons

career growth.

The attributes and skills an SEO specialist must have

A specialist in the promotion of websites on search engines can accomplish the following tasks:


Assessment of the site – the study of the strengths and weaknesses of the resource that is promoted;

research of the competition and market;

the creation of a promotion strategy

Budget calculation for promotions

Creation and clustering in the semantics of the core

SEO or Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in the text Meta tags, keywords;

interactions with programmers, designers and copywriters for the execution of the strategy for promotion of resources which also includes the design of technical tasks

the creation of an excellent link profile of the site being advertised

Examining the impact of SEO-related promotion Traffic, position behavior;

Monitoring of changes to algorithmic search engine algorithms and consequently, the change in the strategy of promotion

Prepare and present a report on the effects of promotion.

The characteristics that make the characteristics of an SEO specialist include:


the analytical mind and strategic approach;

the capacity to collect information, process, store and organize data;

Concentrate on the particulars ability to concentrate

Instability, the ability to complete routine tasks that are monotonous

Resistance to stress and the capability to learn from mistakes and transform them into positive experiences;

Innovative thinking and imagination;

The necessity to remain current with the latest trends and the ever-changing market.

Anyone can be an SEO specialist regardless of qualifications or profession. SEO-copywriters, Webmasters, as well as other professionals who are not IT-related like accountants, lawyers as well as philologists, teachers and many others are certified as SEO-optimizers.


Salary of SEO-specialists

The amount earned depends on the experience level, as well as the region and location where the SEO expert is working.


A SEO specialist assistant can earn an every month, which is between 25 and 40 thousand rubles.


SEO specialist – 50-120 thousand rubles, depending on the number of successful projects. The salary may include a bonus as well as a salary to achieve KPIs.


The SEO department’s head can be paid between 80-200 thousand rubles, based on the number of employees in the department. It also includes bonuses as well as the KPIs achieved by the department.

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