How To Lose Weight by Portioning

Losing or gaining weight is directly controlled by eating less or more calories than what you put out. It makes sense, then, that one of the best ways to control weight is to pay attention to portion sizes.

This is often overlooked, however, in the struggle to eat better. While what you eat has a major impact on your overall health, it may be easier to start making alterations to your diet by portioning meals and snacks, even if you don’t begin completely changing what those meals and snacks are right away. When you begin to see the pounds come off as a direct result of portioning efforts, it may then give you the motivation to begin making more changes to dietary habits.

Easy Portioning

Portioning to cut calories does not have to require grueling math and continuous calorie counting. Charts are available online that can give you an estimate of how many servings of different types of foods you should eat in order to lose weight. The serving sizes are typically broken down so that you can really figure out what quantity of each food should be eaten.

Stick with Food Pyramid Recommendations

If you typically eat a lot of one type of food, such as carbs or meat, you may have to change what you eat slightly in order to stay full and healthy and actually see results from portioning. Portioning will not be as effective if you completely stick to a junk food diet and simply eat less. However, you may still get away with buttering vegetables and adding some sweetener to fruits in order to slowly make the changes. For best results, you should attempt to eat a diet that includes a little from each food pyramid category, although the amounts may vary based on caloric needs. By eating portions from each category, you should quickly begin to see results in the form of weight loss, increased energy, and better health.